Doctoral Student Consortia

Group 1

Date, Time, and Venue: MEETING ROOM 3, DECEMBER 1 (MONDAY), 09:00-10:30

Mentors: Marlene SCARDAMALIA, Miguel NUSSBAUM, Yu-Ju LAN

students: Tama DUANGNAMOL, Hussein ZANATY, Akiko KAI

Accepted Papers/Presentations:

  • C2-01
    Circuitously Collaborative Learning Environment to Enhance Metacognition
  • C3-01
    Cycling Student-Centered Digital Materials as Model of Enhancing Active Learning Environment
    Hussein ZANATY
  • C6-01
    Framework to Refashion Existing Drill Materials to Support Japanese Language Learners: Enhancement of Meaningful Practice with Motivation, Inputting, and Outputting
    Akiko KAI

Group 2

Date, Time, and Venue: MEETING ROOM 2, DECEMBER 1 (MONDAY), 09:00-10:30

Mentors: Masanori SUGIMOTO, Toshihiro HAYASHI, Nian-Shing CHEN

students: Diali GUPTA, Qiang MIAO

Accepted Papers/Presentations:

  • C5-03
    Connecting Aesthetics and Engagement in Game Based Learning
    Diali GUPTA
  • C5-05
    The Above-average Effect and Its Implications on Feedback Design for Educational Game Systems
    Qiang MIAO

Group 3

Date, Time, and Venue: MEETING ROOM 1, DECEMBER 1 (MONDAY), 13:30-15:00

Mentors: Yvonne ROGERS, Gwo-Jen HWANG, Lung-Hsiang WONG

students: Kousuke MOURI, Songran LIU

Accepted Papers/Presentations:

  • C4-01
    Ubiquitous Learning Logs Analytics
    Kousuke MOURI
  • C4-02
    Location Based Context-Aware Support for Second Language Learning Using Ubiquitous Learning Lots
    Songran LIU

Group 4

Date, Time, and Venue: MEETING ROOM 3, DECEMBER 1 (MONDAY), 13:30-15:00

Mentors: Huang-Yao HONG, Chung-Yuan HSU, Ying-Tien WU

students: Xinwei WANG, Mei Lick CHEOK, Wai Ying KWOK

Accepted Papers/Presentations:

  • C5-01
    Designing Interactive Comics to Affect Time Perception
    Xinwei WANG
  • C7-01
    Predictors of E-Learning Satisfaction among the Malaysian Secondary School Teachers
    Mei Lick CHEOK
  • C7-02
    Exploring the Pedagogical Use of Social Learning Platforms in Tasks of Self-Editing and Peer-Assessment for Enhancing English Writing Competence among Elementary ESL Learners
    Wai Ying KWOK