Best Paper Awards

ICCE 2014 Award Guidelines and Criteria

Please refer to: Award Guidelines and Criteria

Best Overall Paper Award Nominees

48 The Appropriation of a Representational Tool in the Second Language Classroom
Yun Wen, Wenli Chen and Chee-Kit Looi
98 Unpacking the Researcher-Teacher Co-Design Process of a Seamless Language Learning Environment with the TPACK Framework
Lung Hsiang Wong, Ching Sing Chai, Ronnel King, Xujuan Zhang and Guat Poh Aw
216 Ontological Descriptions of Statistical Models for Sharing Knowledge of Academic Emotions
Keiichi Muramatsu and Tatsunori Matsui
223 Structural and Trend Analysis of Tagging as a Mechanism for Organizing Learning resources
Ji-Lung Hsieh and Li-Chiao Chiu
240 Why Are Schools Reluctant to Bring Higher-order Thinking Games to Classrooms?
Mingfong Jan
281 Designing and Developing Interactive Video Experiences to Support M-Learning
Dan Kohen-Vacs, Marc Jansen, Marcelo Milrad and Miky Ronen

Best Student Paper Award Nominees

119 Visualization for Analyzing Ubiquitous Learning Logs
Kousuke Mouri, Hiroaki Ogata, Noriko Uosaki and Songran Liu
214 A Flexible System and Data Model for the Representation and Management of PBL Scripts
Disi Wang, Yongwu Miao, Ulrich Hoppe and Mohammed Samaka
234 Professional Development of Teachers in a MOOC
Niklas Karlsson, Anna-Lena Godhe, Linda Bradley and Berner Lindström
301 Scaffolding for Self-overcoming of Impasse by Using Problem Simplification
Naoya Hayashi, Tomoya Shinohara, Sho Yamamoto, Yusuke Hayashi, Tomoya Horiguchi and Tsukasa Hirashima

Best Technical Design Paper Award Nominees

71 Supporting E-Learning in Computer-poor Environments by Combining OER, Cloud Services and Mobile Learning
Simon N. Mwendia, Sven Manske and H.Ulrich Hoppe
147 An intelligent tool to assist architecture students in the early stages of design
Eva Millan, Maria Victoria Belmonte, Manuela Ruiz-Montiel, Juan Gavilanes and Jose-Luis Perez De La Cruz
247 On the Design of Embodiment-based Gamification Activities for Learning Fundamental Projectile Motion
Shih-Chieh Wang, I-Chun Hung, Li-Chun Lin and Nian-Shing Chen
292 Algorithmic Thinking Learning Support System in Block Programming Paradigm
Mizue Kayama, Hisayoshi Kunimune, Masaaki Niimura, Masami Hashimoto and Makoto Otani
297 Using a PBL Authoring Tool to Train Teachers in Designing an Online PBL Unit
Yongwu Miao, Mohammed Samaka, Disi Wang, Zeyad Ali and Michael Romanowski

Best Poster Award

283 Development of Predict-Test-Revise Modeling Abilities via a self-study Learning Environment
Anura Kenkre, Sahana Murthy and Madhuri Mavinkurve