Pre-conference Tutorial

Free & Simple Virtual Worlds for Teachers & Students

Date, Time, and Venue: MEETING ROOM 1, DECEMBER 1 (MONDAY), 09:00-12:30


  • Mark ELWELL, Hakusan International School, Japan
  • Steven COOK, Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Japan

Online shared virtual environments – “virtual worlds” – offer a number of opportunities and advantages for teachers and students to construct and use content and interactions, but in many cases are not easy or possible to use. Barriers include cost, time and expertise required, age limits on users, and irrelevant or inappropriate content and user behavior. In this tutorial, we will show participants how to obtain, install, and use free open source server and client software to quickly, easily, and safely operate their own virtual spaces, while controlling how these can be accessed over local or public networks, as well as the content available to users. Participants who bring their own computers to the tutorial will leave with a functioning virtual world server/client package and content ready to begin classroom use.

Tutorial Format
The tutorial will be a learning-by-doing exercise, with instructor demonstration and explanation followed directly with participant experience using shared virtual environment software and content.
Participants are expected to take away not only knowledge but functioning software and content ready to use elsewhere.